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Frequently Asked Questions

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Inquiring Tenants FAQ

HOW FAST DO YOU GET APPLICATIONS PROCESSED? - Our goal is to process your applications as quickly as possible so that you will be able to make a determination on your housing needs without delay. Unfortunately, sometimes we are held up in this endeavor because of our inability to get a hold of previous landlords, current landlords, or employers.

Normally an application process takes 24 hours to complete. The more information you can provide on your Application, the easier it is to complete processing. WE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO WORK ON YOUR APPLICATION IF IT IS NOT SIGNED AND DATED. Signing the paperwork authorizes us to do the background checks and the people we make the inquiries to, to release information.

HOW MUCH IS THE APPLICATION FEE AND IS IT REFUNDABLE? - Applicants with roommates will need separate applications. Non-refundable Application fees vary with the property and property manager and are subject to change at anytime. Having said that, usually they are $60.00. These funds need to be in the form of cashiers check or money order.

WHAT HAPPENS IF I HAVE BAD CREDIT? - We take every applicant on a case by case basis. Sometimes a tenants understanding of what bad credit is, isn't necessarily something we would view as a problem. Of course the opposite is true as well. Assuming your assessment is correct, then there is still a possibility that you would get accepted if the owner was willing to overlook your past credit problems.

WHAT DO YOU LOOK AT OR CHECK ON WITH MY APPLICATION? - We verify all the key areas like previous rental history, general credit, employment, and on occasion references. Keep in mind that our application fees are non-refundable. If you know for sure you have bad credit, maybe even an eviction, you might want to think twice or at least have a heart-to-heart discussion with the property manager before risking your time and money.... it's your call.

HOW SOON CAN I MOVE IN? - Getting the keys is of course very simple, but for some people circumstances make it difficult. We do not release keys to anyone unless all of the following criteria are met...

1) Your application is approved and ALL of your lease paperwork has been signed by ALL parties.
2) ALL required funds have been received for rent and security deposit in the form of cashiers check or money order.

That's it.... simple.

WHAT ARE THE TERMS OF THE LEASE? - The terms of the lease can vary from month-to-month up to a year or even longer. Each tenant and owner have their own preferences. Each term also has its advantages and disadvantages. The longer the term, the longer you are committed to staying in the property. At the same time, a long term lease prevents the owner from raising the rent on you. Of course the opposite advantages and disadvantages apply to shorter term agreements.

Here is the excerpt from the Lease Agreement as it pertains to the lease term:

LESSOR does hereby rent to LESSEE for residential purposes only those certain premises described as __ commonly known as, or located at:__
Clark County, Nevada for a Period of ___ month(s), commencing on the __ day of __ , 20 at a monthly rate of $__ payable in advance on the FIRST day of each and every month. Payments will be accepted at 4033 W. Charleston Blvd. Las Vegas, Nevada 89102 during normal business hours Monday through Friday, not including holidays, unless otherwise agreed to. Rent payments are legally the responsibility of the LESSEE without notice or demand and may be acted upon anytime after the due date stated above. The LESSEE is responsible for all lease payments through the end of the lease term. All payments received on LESSEES account will FIRST be applied to late fees, repairs, utilities, returned check charges, and all other miscellaneous LESSEE charges and SECOND to rent due. At the end of the lease term this agreement will automatically become a month-to-month agreement with all of the stated provisions herein intact, unless a lease renewal or new lease has been signed and agreed upon. The Atlas Group LC may make changes to this agreement at any time with proper written notice being given to LESSEE.

**This clause is subject to change without notice. Be sure and read your lease agreement and understand it in its entirety.

WHEN IS RENT DUE? - Rent is due on or before the first of the month. Don't let when rent becomes "late", confuse you with when it is actually due. These are two entirely separate time lines. You can pay your rent anytime before it is due.

WHO DO I MAKE MY RENTAL PAYMENTS TO? - You will always make your payments out to us... Atlas Group LC. We process the payment s and do the accounting for the different owners. If you are a Section 8 recipient, then HUD will also send the owners checks to us. Most of our tenants make their payments electronically, online or by going to their local 7-11 store.

DO YOU COME AND PICK UP THE RENT PAYMENTS? - No. Most tenants pay online through their bank account or credit card. Or, many tenants have "Bill Pay" through their bank handle their payments for them. You can also pay at any 7-11. In additiona we can provide you with mail in stickers if you would like. Otherwise we hold regular business hours for making payments at the office.

I HAVE A BUSINESS AND I WORK OUT OF MY HOME, IS THAT "OK"? - Most residential property is not designed for or zoned for handling a business. Our leases are against it. However, if your business is say Internet related, or possibly mail order, or you "invest", there is a good possibility that these types of businesses would be allowed. The key is "traffic". If you will never have a client come to your house, and consequently nobody in the neighborhood could tell you are running a business, then that might be "ok". Each situation will be looked at separately.

HOW MUCH DO I HAVE TO PAY TO HOLD THE PROPERTY? - Each property and situation is different. Usually we require the entire Security Deposit to hold a property for longer than 2 weeks. These funds are subject to loss if you should change your mind and not take the property since we will be taking the property off the market and holding it just for you. Once you complete the lease and take possession, then these funds will be applied to your refundable Security Deposit. Normally a Security Deposit is approximately 90% of the rent. That is not always the case, but is a general rule of thumb, and there are times when it can even be more than the rent.

MY SPOUSE WORKS, CAN I JUST SIGN THE LEASE SO WE CAN MOVE-IN? - Unfortunately no. In fact this would be just the opposite of something that might even be remotely considered. If anything, initially we might allow not having the spouse that doesn't work not sign for some reason, and then have them come in later... not the other way around. Our standard policy is that everyone over the age of 18 that is going to live in the property, signs.... before keys are released.

HOW MUCH IS THE SECURITY DEPOSIT AND WILL I GET IT BACK WHEN I LEAVE? - The Security Deposit varies with each property and is usually around 90% of the rent. Sometimes it can be more and sometimes it is less. It depends on the situation and the owners requirements. Getting your Security Deposit back depends entirely on you. If you stick to all the requirements of the lease, give proper notice, and leave the property in a condition that we can immediately rent it with out having to do any repairs or cleaning, then you should get your Deposit returned.

HOW MANY KEYS WILL I GET? - Normally we give you one set of keys and one gate and/or garage door opener if appropriate for the property. If you would like more sets then it will be your responsibility to have duplicate keys made and purchase additional remote controls. In the event you change locks on the property, it is imperative that you supply our office with a copy of the keys. Not to do so would be considered a lease violation and as such you could be evicted.

Here is the excerpt from the Lease Agreement as it pertains to keys:

Access systems will be furnished to LESSEE when all parties have signed the lease and all applicable addendums, deposits and rent monies have been paid and a move-in date has occurred. LESSEE is responsible for and must return such keys, cards, openers etc. to be eligible for a refund of deposits. The above stated key deposit shall be refunded if keys consisting of _ door key(s), _ mail box key(s), __ laundry room key(s), __ pool key(s), __ storage key(s), _ gate card(s) ___ gate key(s), __ Transmitter(s), __ (_Other) key(s) are returned. Locks may be replaced, re-keyed, or dead bolts added at the tenant’s expense provided tenant informs owner, or owner’s agent, and provides owner, or owner’s agent, with a workable key for each new or changed lock. Tenants are responsible for all charges and expenses related to replacing lost, stolen, misplaced, or broken keys. Duplicate keys will only be made available to a tenant with proper identification and who is signed on this lease agreement. At no time will keys be given to minors, guests, or relatives.

**This clause is subject to change without notice. Be sure and read your lease agreement and understand it in its entirety.

HOW MUCH IS THE CLEANING CHARGE AND IS IT REFUNDABLE? - We don't charge a cleaning fee, per se. We have found that when tenants do not have an opportunity of getting a refund, then there isn't any incentive for them to clean the property once they have vacated.

HOW MUCH ARE LATE FEES AND WHEN DO THEY BEGIN? - Late fees start on the third (3rd) of the month. On the third you are charged $50.00. After that, the late fee is increased $10.00 per day until a payment is accepted. Being late is never a good thing. Not only is it expensive, but you may be in a position to buy a home later and having lates on your rental record isn't going to help you secure a loan.

Here is the excerpt from the Lease Agreement as it pertains to Late Fees:

LESSEE shall pay a charge of fifty ($50.00) dollars plus ten ($10.00) dollars for each day after two (2) days that rent is late. A charge of thirty-five ($35.00) dollars, plus the corresponding late fee will be charged for each dishonored check made by the LESSEE to the LESSOR.LESSEE agrees to pay all rents, all late fees, all notice fees, all outstanding charges, and all court costs upon honoring a returned check with Certified funds. After the LESSEE has tendered a check which is dishonored, LESSEE hereby agrees to pay all remaining payments due under this Agreement by Certified funds. Any payments tendered to LESSOR thereafter, which are not in the form of Certified funds, shall be treated as if LESSEE failed to make said payment until Certified funds are received. LESSEE shall pay all rental payments by Certified funds thereafter. LESSOR presumes that the LESSEE is aware of the criminal sanctions and penalties for issuance of a check which the LESSEE knows is drawn upon insufficient funds and which is tendered for the purpose of committing a fraud upon the creditor. All late fees, service fees, and charges shall be due and payable when billed and after thirty (30) days shall become a part of the rents due.

This clause is subject to change without notice. Be sure and read your lease agreement and understand it in its entirety.**

IF I NEED TO MOVE CAN I SUBLET THE PROPERTY? - Probably not. However, we can usually work with you. What you need to understand and remember is that there is a legally binding agreement and the owner is basically saying, "I'm not going to force you to leave, and in return, you promise to stay". So, what you can do is find a replacement tenant. Similar to a sublet in that the property remains occupied but totally different in that you are released from your obligations and a new tenant signs a completely new Lease Agreement. This is actually better for you. It also is better for the owner because the new tenant normally signs a lease equal in term to the one you are exiting which in essence then extends his current cash flow expectations.

Here is the excerpt from the Lease Agreement as it pertains to subletting:

LESSEE shall not assign, sublet or transfer his interest, nor any part thereof, without prior written consent of the LESSOR, nor shall LESSEE use the premises for any commercial enterprise or for any purpose which is unlawful against State, Federal, City or County ordinances, nor shall LESSEE commit waste, excessive noise or create a nuisance in, on or about the premises or other unreasonable disturbances to others.

**This clause is subject to change without notice. Be sure and read your lease agreement and understand it in its entirety.

HOW MANY PEOPLE CAN LIVE IN A PROPERTY? - We use the Federal guidelines of 2.5 people per bedroom. So, as an example, a property with three (3) bedrooms could hold 7.5 people.

Here is the excerpt from the Lease Agreement as it pertains to occupancy:

Occupants of the premises shall be limited to _ persons (only those people listed on the Rental Application) and shall be used solely for housing accommodations and for no other purpose. The manager needs to be notified immediately of any guests staying on the property and LESSEE agrees to pay the sum of twenty-five ($25.00) dollars per day for each guest remaining on the premises more than fourteen (14) days. Notwithstanding the foregoing, in no event shall any guest remain on the premises for more than twenty (25) days.

**This clause is subject to change without notice. Be sure and read your lease agreement and understand it in its entirety.

WHO PAYS FOR THE UTILITIES? - It depends on the property. The key is whether or not the meter, whether it be for gas, water, or power, handles more than one unit. If that particular utility meter does handle more than one unit then the owner pays for that particular utility. In single family homes, condos, or townhome's, which are all individually metered, then the tenant will always pay for their own utilities. The only exception is where the Homeowners Association pays for trash and in some older buildings that were converted from apartments or fourplexes, then possibly some of the other utilities might be master metered per building as well.

Here is the excerpt from the Lease Agreement as it pertains to utilities:

LESSEE is to pay when due all utilities and other charges in connection with LESSEES individual rented premises except for the following which are to be paid by LESSOR __ LESSEES responsibility for these utilities begins at the commencement of this agreement. LESSEE shall sign the appropriate documentation with the utility companies which will notify the Property Manager of any LESSEE delinquency with the utility companies. LESSEE agrees to leave utilities on for five (5) working days after vacating.

**This clause is subject to change without notice. Be sure and read your lease agreement and understand it in its entirety.

CAN I HAVE A PET? - Sure... how about a "Pet Rock"? Pets can be a tuff sell, depending on what it is. Normally, non-destructive animals are "ok" like reptiles, birds, fish etc. Each situation is looked at on a case by case basis. There is a $300.00 additional refundable deposit per head for each animal that is allowed on the property.

Here is the excerpt from the Lease Agreement as it pertains to Pets:

LESSEE agrees that no animal, bird, nor pet of any kind may be kept in, on or about the premises by the LESSEE or his guests except as follows: __ . Should written permission be granted for occupancy of a pet, an additional security charge of three hundred ($300.00) dollars for each pet/animal will be required, paid in advance, and which will become a part of the security/damage deposit subject to deposit terms and conditions aforementioned along with an additional pet addendum included as an attachment. LESSEE agrees to indemnify LESSOR and his agent(s) for any and all liability and damage which LESSOR may suffer as a result of LESSEES pet(s), including but not limited to, physical property damage, personal injury and medical expenses, attorneys fees, and all applicable court costs.

**This clause is subject to change without notice. Be sure and read your lease agreement and understand it in its entirety.

I LIKE TO WORK ON CARS AS A HOBBY, WILL THAT BE A PROBLEM? - It could be. We do not allow you to have or conduct your own "Lube and Tune" on the property. If the vehicle in question is inside a closed garage, there probably won't be a problem. The vehicle won't be an eyesore for the neighborhood or neighbors and it won't present a hazard to kids.

Here is the excerpt from the Lease Agreement as it pertains to vehicle restrictions:

LESSEE shall not keep or permit to be kept in, on, or about the premises waterbed(s), boat(s), camper(s), trailer(s), mobile home(s), unregistered, non-licensed or non-operative vehicles. No mechanical work shall be permitted on the premises. No vehicle will be stored or parked on lawns or other areas not specifically designed or intended as a parking area. Vehicles in violation will be towed, at LESSEES expense, without additional notice by Action Towing, (702-737-9100) located at 3050 Westwood Drive Suite A3, Las Vegas, 89109. LESSEE shall use premises for residential purposes only. LESSEE shall not use the premises for any commercial enterprise, or for any purpose which is unlawful against state, federal, city, or county ordinances, nor shall LESSEE commit waste, excessive noise in, on or about the premises or other unreasonable disturbances to others.

**This clause is subject to change without notice. Be sure and read your lease agreement and understand it in its entirety.

CAN I REPAINT OR FIX-UP THE PROPERTY? - It really depends on what you want to do. We have had many tenants put in yards, patios, brick work, and do painting. Here again, it depends on each property, it's owner, and what it is you want to do. Owners can be reluctant to have extensive work completed by the tenant because they usually mess it up. You have a better chance of getting your request approved if your paying a licensed, insured, professional to complete the project.

Here is the excerpt from the Lease Agreement as it pertains to property alterations:

LESSEE shall make no alterations, of any type, including painting, to the premises without LESSOR’s consent in writing. All alterations or improvements made with or without consent in and to said premises, shall, unless otherwise provided by written agreement between parties hereto, become the property of LESSOR and shall remain upon the leasehold and shall constitute a fixture permanently affixed to the premises. This will include, but not be limited to, ceiling fans, screen doors, security doors, garage door openers, mounted light fixtures, and attached window coverings. In every instance, the LESSEE shall be responsible for restoring the premises to its original condition

**This clause is subject to change without notice. Be sure and read your lease agreement and understand it in its entirety.

IF I GET BEHIND IN MY RENT, HOW SOON WILL IT BE BEFORE I'M EVICTED? - It takes two (2) weeks after the Five Day Pay Or Quit notice has been posted to get you through the legal process and evicted.

Here is the excerpt from the Lease Agreement as it pertains to evictions:

Failure by LESSEE to pay rent or other charges promptly when due or to comply with any applicable provisions of the laws of the State of Nevada, shall, at the option of the LESSOR, terminate this tenancy upon giving proper notice as set forth in the Residential Landlord and Tenant Act contained in the Nevada Revised Statutes #118 after giving proper credit to the LESSEE of any monies held in the LESSEES account. LESSOR shall issue a proper itemized statement to the LESSEE noting the amount owed by the LESSEE and may thereafter pursue at its option any legal means of collection. LESSEE’s signature below hereby authorizes LESSOR or his agents to obtain/conduct credit checks/inquiries with all credit reporting agencies, collection companies, or associated credit company subscribers as necessary in the course of collection of any monies owed LESSOR as a result of this agreement and /or subsequent tenancy. LESSOR at LESSOR’s discretion, may report all forms of delinquency including evictions to any credit or tenant reporting agencies.

Any failure by LESSOR to enforce the terms of this Agreement shall not constitute a waiver of said terms by LESSOR. Acceptance of rent due by LESSOR after default shall not be construed to waive any right of LESSOR or affect any notice of legal action heretofore given or commenced. Nothing contained in this Agreement shall be construed as waiving any of the LESSOR’s or LESSEES rights under the laws of the State of Nevada. LESSOR may adopt rules and regulations in accordance with the laws of the State of Nevada upon thirty (30) days written notice to the LESSEE.

**This clause is subject to change without notice. Be sure and read your lease agreement and understand it in its entirety.

WILL I NEED TO GIVE ANY NOTICE WHEN I'M GOING TO MOVE? - Yes of course, and it must be in writing and follow certain procedures. It has to be given a minimum of 30 days in advance and we need to receive it at the beginning of the month... not in the middle.

Here is the excerpt from the Lease Agreement as it pertains to termination:

This Agreement, upon completion of term, may be terminated by either party hereto giving to the other party not less than thirty (30) days prior notice in writing on or before the first day of any given calendar month. Failure of either party to notify shall result in a month to month tenancy under the terms and conditions of this lease. This Agreement may be terminated at anytime by the owner or management company with 30 days written notice given to the LESSEE should the owner elect to put the property up for sale or be involved in a transaction to sell the property. In the event of court action, reasonable attorney’s fees, collection and processing fees may be awarded to the prevailing party and the losing party hereby obligates him/herself to pay same. If improper notice or no notice to vacate is given by LESSEE, LESSEE is liable for prorated rent until lawful termination and LESSOR may deduct this from the Damage/Security deposit on hand, or collect any monies due by other lawful means.

**This clause is subject to change without notice. Be sure and read your lease agreement and understand it in its entirety.

WHAT IF THERE IS AN EMERGENCY, WHO DO I GET INTOUCH WITH? - We have an answering service that is on call 24/7. You should only call them for REAL emergencies like a flood, broken gas or water pipe, fire. Something that is damaging the property. Otherwise, you will be charged for the expense of the answering service call.

CAN YOU JUST COME IN MY PLACE ANYTIME YOU WANT? - No, except of course if you let us in. We normally have to give you 24 hours notice. An exception to that would be if there was an emergency.

Here is the excerpt from the Lease Agreement as it pertains to access:


LESSEE agrees to grant LESSOR the right to enter the premises at all reasonable times and for all reasonable purposes including showing to prospective lessees, buyers, loan officers, insurance agents or other business therein and for at least one maintenance inspection each month. LESSEE shall not reasonably deny LESSOR his/her rights of entry to the premises. In addition, LESSOR shall have the right to enter in case of emergency and other situations as specifically allowed by law. LESSOR agrees to give LESSEE twenty-four hours notification for entry, except in case of emergency, or if LESSEE has received notice that the property is or will be marketed for sale. The LESSEE will be required to cooperate with the showing of and sale of the property.

**This clause is subject to change without notice. Be sure and read your lease agreement and understand it in its entirety.

DO YOU THINK THE OWNER WILL WANT TO SELL THIS PLACE? - Most tenants ask this question because they do not want to be forced to move in the near future. For the most part, the majority of owners hold on to their investments for a long time. That doesn't mean that their personal circumstances will never change or that they may need to sell for some reason, but for the most part they would rather hold on to the property and leave well enough alone. Usually they tell us if they are thinking about selling.

WHAT HAPPENS IF I GET ROBBED OR BROKEN INTO? - It's not the owners responsibility to protect you or your personal belongings. Your losses are not his losses. You need to carry your own insurance just as the owner carries insurance to protect what is his, namely the property.

Here is the excerpt from the Lease Agreement as it pertains to insurance:


It is advisable that LESSEE should obtain renter's insurance as landlord's insurance does not cover LESSEE'S belongings. LESSOR shall not be liable for any damage or injury to LESSEE, or any other person, or to any property occurring on the premises or any part thereof, or in common areas thereof, unless such liability is based on the negligent acts or omission of LESSOR, his agent or employee, and LESSEE agrees to hold LESSOR harmless from any claims for damages if caused by the negligent acts or Omissions of the LESSEE or his family, licensees, guests and pets.

**This clause is subject to change without notice. Be sure and read your lease agreement and understand it in its entirety.

HOW SOON DO YOU ANSWER MAINTENANCE REQUESTS? - We answer them the same day we get them, usually within a few minutes. The issue is rarely how quickly we work, but more importantly how fast the repair tech is able to get to the property. This is something we have no control over. Especially if there is a property warranty program in place or if it is at the height of a particular season.... like the middle of summer when the a/c just went out along with 100,000(+) other peoples. With our vendors, usually a repair is completed within 24 hours.

IS THE OWNER GOING TO PUT A PATIO OR YARD IN THE BACK? - Sometimes. Again it depends on the property and the tenant requirements. Water consumption here in the desert is a big concern. Most owners aren't wild about putting in a water guzzling yard that a tenant will probably ignore anyway and then will die during the hot summer months. An owner is more likely to put in rock. So where might that leave you. If you have kids, it usually leaves you with no place for them to play in the back. Consequently, many owners, and tenants prefer the dirt. You don't have to water it, it won't die, and the kids can play on it, dig it up, and do whatever they want to it.

DO YOU DO A LEASE WITH OPTION TO BUY? - We advise our owners against it. There are a lot of legal issues involved. It's better for everyone to keep leases and purchases separate and not intermixed.

Current Tenants FAQ

WHEN IS RENT DUE? - Rent is due on or before the 1st day of each month. Tenants get confused between when rent is due and when rent is late. The time frame for being "late" only concerns itself as to when we can add or charge additional fees for being late.

WHEN ARE LATE FEES CHARGED? - Typically, with leases that we write, rent is "late" on the 3rd of the month. It doesn't matter if the 1st, 2nd or 3rd all fall on a weekend or holiday days. Tenants have the option and obligation to get their payment in BEFORE the 1st of the month. There is nothing to prevent anyone from paying on the 26th, 27th or 28th prior to the 1st when the rent is due. That is the easiest and best way to avoid late charges.

WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR MY PERSONAL ITEMS IF THEY ARE DAMAGED IN A FIRE, FLOOD, OR BREAK-IN? - You are. You need to get renters insurance. You need to protect your own valuables. You need to take responsibility. Property owners carry insurance that protects what they own, the property. You need to carry insurance to protect what you own.

IF YOU START AN EVICTION, AND I HAVE MONEY, DON'T YOU HAVE TO TAKE IT? - It depends on whether or not you have ALL OF THE MONEY. Once an eviction is started, other eviction charges and fees start to add up quickly. We are not "required" to take money unless it is for the full amount. And then it needs to be either cashiers check or money order... no personal or business checks. We can also "hold" your partial funds as additional Deposit until you get all of the money. In this case we ARE NOT accepting rent. The eviction process will continue and a game of "Beat The Constable" will begin. If you are successful, you will pay off your account in full and we will stop the eviction process before the Constable is at your door. It's entirely up to you.

WHEN DO YOU HAVE TO ACCEPT LATE RENT? - As long as it is before the end of the 5 day notice to Pay Or Quit, you are paying the entire balance owed, and your funds are in the form of a money order or cashiers check.

CAN I BE EVICTED IF I DON'T PAY FOR REPAIRS? - Yes, if you are responsible for the repairs. Let's say as an example that you didn't take care of the lawn and we had to send someone out to maintain it. Those expenses would get charged to your ledger, according to your lease agreement. Then when you made a payment, those charges would be paid first. Assuming that you only paid an amount equal to your regular rent, your account will be short and "rent" will be owning. Most lease agreements also stipulate that ANY unpaid charge becomes "rent" due after 30 days... that includes any unpaid late fees. Sooo, the bottom line is you can basically be evicted over anything that remains unpaid on your ledger.

DO YOU REALLY RETURN SECURITY DEPOSITS? - Yes, all the time. However, you have to leave the property in excellent condition. It has to be ready so that someone else could move right in. Most tenants don't want to go to that much trouble to get a place in shape. They ignore the little things like cleaning windows and blinds. Or they will attempt to clean the carpet themselves with less than adequate results. However, for those tenants that do what is necessary, we return their deposits.

WHAT DO I NEED TO DO TO GET MY SECURITY DEPOSIT BACK? - Well, first of all, you will need to have all outstanding charges on your ledger paid. Secondly, you will need to give proper written notice that you will be vacating. Finally, the property has to be in ready to move-in condition.

WHAT IS CONSIDERED PROPER NOTICE WHEN VACATING? - You need to give written notice at least 30 days in advance of your departure, and it must be on or just before the 1st of the month when the notice is given or presented to the office or your property manager.

HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO GET MY SECURITY DEPOSIT RETURNED? - In part, that depends on you. If the unit is rent ready, ready to go, it usually takes a few days. If there are repairs, and cleaning that need to be done, then probably it will be closer to 30 days. The more you do, the less we need to do, and the faster a return can possibly be made.

WHAT HAPPENS IF THE REPAIRS, CLEANING, AND OUTSTANDING CHARGES TOTAL MORE THAN THE DEPOSIT I HAVE? - That in part is up to the landlord. We usually turn over ledgers with outstanding balances to Collection Agency's. They in turn see to it that it gets on your credit bureau. Some owners are a little more aggressive and they start a Small Claims suit. It's not an enjoyable experience for anyone. Keep in mind, that everything is Tenant generated. In other words, if you did your part, had everything paid for, there wouldn't be any Collection Agency's or court actions involved.

CAN I REPLACE SOME OF THE CEILING LIGHTS WITH CEILING FANS/LIGHTS? - Maybe. You need to check with your property manager. Keep in mind, that according to state law, anything that is attached to the property, like a ceiling fan, becomes part of the real estate and is no longer your personal property. It is part of the owners improved real estate. Technically, if you remove the ceiling fans when you vacate, you are stealing the owners property. It is best to get an agreement signed that allows you to remove the attached items before you install them. That way everybody is on the same page and there aren't any problems.

WHAT HAPPENS IF I GET A PET? - That depends on the owner, you, and the pet. Assuming that your lease has a no pet clause, then you are in violation of your lease and if the owner wants to enforce the clause, you'll be evicted. Sometimes, depending on the pet, the owner will allow you to pay a hefty, refundable, pet deposit. Here again, if you don't come up with the bucks, you'll be looking for a new place for both you and your new family addition. Usually, non destructive pets like fish, reptiles, and pet rocks (if they are well trained) aren't a problem.

WHAT HAPPENS IF I DON'T TAKE CARE OF THE YARD OR CHANGE AIR FILTERS? - Here again, once these things become apparent, normally we will order the work done and you will be charged for these items. Considering how easy it is to change a two (2) dollar filter, do you really want to pay $30 - $50 to have someone come out and do it?

CAN A HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION HAVE ME EVICTED? - In a word yes. HOA's are very powerful. You do not want to get on their bad side. They basically have everything written in their favor. It's kind of like fighting the government. Make sure you fully understand all of the rules and regulations for your complex. The best way to live in an Association is to keep very quiet, almost invisible. Make nice with your neighbors, and basically be so low key that nobody would ever even suspect that the property is occupied.

CAN I GET CABLE OR PUT UP A SATELLITE DISH? - You will need to check with your property manager. Each situation is different. Here again, if you bought a satellite dish and you attach it to the building, keep in mind that it just became the owners satellite dish. Many Associations do not allow dishes because of the "look". Many owners don't allow dishes for the same reason. Usually, there are far fewer problems with getting cable.

WHERE WAS MY CAR TOWED, AND WHY? - Usually, a car is towed because it doesn't meet general minimum operating guidelines, or it is parked in a restrictive place. First, every vehicle needs to be licensed and be registered. Secondly, it must be 100% operative and not a hazard. That means no flats, no broken or cracked widows or windshield, no missing doors etc. Obviously it can't run without an engine so the engine can't be pulled and being worked on. A residential property is not your own personal lube and tune. Sometimes vehicles find there way off of the driveway and on to another area of the property. This isn't good and we will have it towed if we find it that way. Many times neighbors will call us because they don't like the look this action is giving to the neighborhood. Your vehicle will normally be towed to Action Towing, 3050 Westwood Drive Suite A3 & 4, Las Vegas, NV 89109... (702) 737-9100.

WHEN WILL YOU HAVE THE CARPET CLEANED? - When you move-out, unless you have it professionally cleaned. It was cleaned before you moved in. After that, it's your responsibility. You can have it cleaned as often as necessary at your own expense.

HOW DOES AN EVICTION WORK AFTER THE 5 DAY HAS EXPIRED? - The day after the 5 day expires, we fill out the necessary court forms and file with both the Justice Court and the Constable's office. From there the paperwork, including a copy of the 5 day Notice goes in front of the judge. This process can take 1-3 days depending on the courts work load. The judge will sign the Order for eviction and send it to the Constable's office. At that point, the Constable will normally post a 24 hour notice, again this could take a day or two depending on their work load. This notice is not required by the Constables office. They do it as a courtesy to you the tenant and of course they are like anybody else and would like to avoid as many problems as possible. The next day, assuming they did post a 24 hour notice, they will be back with a locksmith and will remove anyone and anything that is breathing. That includes pets. Your pets will go to the animal shelter if you are not there to take them with you. The same thing could happen to unattended children (minors) as they would end up in the Juvenile care system. The locksmith will change all the locks and you will not be allowed back into the property.

HOW DO I GET MY PERSONAL PROPERTY BACK AFTER I'VE BEEN LOCKED OUT? - You need to act quickly. We do not want your stuff. We want it out of the property IMMEDIATELY, if not sooner. We will work with you and allow you access during the day to get your belongings. We will not allow this to be a long drawn out process. If you drag your feet and give us excuses why you can't act then we will move all your stuff into storage and then you can pay for all of the moving and storage fees to get it back. It isn't cheap. In any event, we will hold your items for thirty (30) days. At the end of that period, assuming you have not done what was necessary to redeem them, they will either be sold, given to charity, or discarded. Again, we don't want to have to go through this process and it's cheaper and easier for everyone if you step up, take responsibility, and get your items moved out of the property IMMEDIATELY!