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Owners Knowledgebase

Buying & Selling

We don't "push" you to buy or sell:
We center our primary business around property management. Our owners like that because with many alternative offices, they are more inclined towards sales and consequently will bombard a person with requests and opportunities to buy and sell your investment, especially when you are not interested.

However, having said that, it doesn't mean that we do not handle purchases and sales. We just don't "push" you into doing anything. We are licensed Realtors and handle purchases and sales strictly for our owners that want to get involved in a transaction.

Using us gives you several advantages:
Our office provides our owners with some big advantages when it comes to buying and selling that other "sales" oriented organizations can't. First of all, we don't "need" the commission from the sale to survive. That alone brings an atmosphere of trust to the transaction. People who "need to make a sale" to meet their daily financial needs, are more prone to bad judgment calls and decisions that may not always be in the best interest of their clients... in order to "close the deal".

In addition, if you list your property through us we can potentially save you commission dollars or at the very least make the commission split more attractive to outside offices. First of all, if we were to sell your property to the tenant that we put into the property, we would handle the transaction for 4% instead of 6%. That's a 33% reduction in commission. Secondly, if we put it on the market like normal at 6%, we only take 2 1/2% and offer 3 1/2% to outside brokers. That prompts the other 11,000+ agents in town towards your property.... yes, just for the extra half point they will make on the transaction.

Finally, if you are buying, we have a better understanding what to look for in a rental. We know what type of real rent you are going to get. You would be amazed at what "sale oriented agents" will tell buyers, as far as expected rents, to entice them to buy. What do they care, it's not their property, their headache, their monthly negative, when you can't achieve the rents they forcast you could.

Keep in mind that there isn't a perfect type of rental property or a perfect area in which to buy. Every property can be a gold mine if you buy it for the right price. Remember, you make your money when you buy. If you pay too much, it may not matter where it sits or how good it looks, it will never be a good investment.

Widen your opportunities:
Another thing to remember, is that you can always try to do both lease and sell at the same time. Many owners get frustrated with trying to get a renter and then decide to sell instead. Why not do both? Usually an owner is happy as long as they have a tenant. When the property becomes vacant, have us list it for sale and for lease. Then, which ever happens first is the way you go.