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Owners Knowledgebase

Rates & Fees


Our rates vary from 5%-15% depending on several factors... property type, scheduled rents, services requested, location etc. Below is a generalized estimation of our rates. They are subject to change without notice and will vary with other factors taken into consideration that may or may not be listed here. The average property is usually managed at a 10% commission.

5% Apartment Complexes over 50 units at one location with onsite managers. *

8% Multiple Units 40 or more- Multiple Buildings/Locations. *

9% New Single Family Homes, Condos, Townhomes for the first year

10% Older Single Family Homes, Condos, Townhomes, Duplex, Tri-Plex, Four-Plex's, smaller Apartment Buildings *

11%-15% Properties that are up for sale through someone else. Small, single units under $400 per month, or any property needing special attention. *

* Rates and fees on all property types are subject to change without notice. Properties with special conditions, circumstances or needing selective attention will be charged a higher rate.**


Start-Up -We have NO start-up fees.
Renewal -We have NO Annual renewal fees.
1099 - We have no 1099 fees.
Monthly -We only charge our fees based on collected rents.
Placement -Tenant placement fees will range from $75.00 - $500.00 excluding any fee being used to pay an outside broker, for a referral of a qualified tenant (should there be one). In addition, we guarantee the placement of the tenant for up to 1/2 of their lease term. Should the tenant vacate during the first half of their lease, we would not charge you again to replace the tenant. Of course there may be an outside broker involved, or additional advertising etc. that you would still need to pay.

Advertising -All advertising costs are passed through to the owner. We attempt to customize each advertising program to each owners wishes and property type. Some owners want constant newspaper advertising, while others do not want any at all. Most owners want some. We have found that serious tenants look for affordable housing seven days a week, not just on the weekends. Consequently, we recommend a program of advertising M-W-F in the second half of the month when more tenants are "searching". Advertising during the week is cheaper than on the weekend and concentrating in the 2nd half of the month reaches more potential tenants per ad displayed. Initial advertising funds will need to be placed into an Owner's account prior to an ad being placed. Owners are given a copy of the bill after it is received from the newspaper, and deductions are made from the funds in their respective accounts. Owners can place the ads themselves, however, the Nevada Real Estate Division requires that our name and phone number be placed in the ad. Otherwise it could be conceived as "bait and switch". Some tenants, because of their rental history, do not want to deal with a property management company. They know their only chance at getting a property is through an individual that probably does not have the resources to research their history or is out of state and would have trouble evicting them. We attempt to use free advertising when possible. When a generic ad that covers several properties can be used those charges are shared by all of the vacant properties to which the ad applies.

Repairs - New Property

On occasion, an owner will call us and need our office to manage, handle, and complete thousands of dollars in repairs and clean-up of a property BEFORE we ever manage it, or make it available for the first time to the renting public. In this specific instance we charge 15% of the repairs made for handling these repairs.