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    Atlas Group is BBB A+ Accredited




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Services Provided

  • Acquire tenants in a rapid and aggressive manner.
  • Qualify prospective tenants with complete credit, employment and rental history
  • Perform timely rent collection and if necessary initiate collection efforts
  • Pay mortgage, homeowners association dues, utilities, property taxes, sewer etc. as requested/needed
  • Effect any necessary repairs in a timely and professional manner. All repairs are done by a pre-qualified licensed, bonded and insured contractor.
  • Send monthly statements to all clients promptly, complete with copies of all invoices/expenses paid.
  • Handle any and all property/tenant problems. Interface with insurance companies, City Departments, police etc.
  • Effect evictions, go to court, handle and monitor forced move-out proceedings.
  • Perform normal move-outs. Make determination of Security Deposit refunds according to Nevada Revised Statute guidelines.
  • Complete property renovation, cleaning, repairs, and begin process again.