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Tenants Knowledgebase

Smoking & Pets

How can tenants keep their smoking or pets from becoming a problem?

If you must smoke, then the next best thing is to adopt a habit of never smoking in the house. Many smokers never realize the damage they are causing. It is next to impossible to get stale smoke odors out of carpeting. The staining of walls, floors, and ceilings is so gradual, that a tenant living in the property doesn't even notice the gradual transformation. It isn't until they move, that removed pictures and wall hangings then tell the tale. Usually a minimum of one coat of sealer followed by a high quality paint is needed to mask both the discoloration and the odor. Painting a property twice isn't cheap.

Pets in genreal:
Pets pose can pose a similar problem. Again, urination on carpeting can be gradual and possibly go somewhat unnoticed. However, unlike smoke, urine soaks through to and into padding where it becomes trapped. Usually, a regular carpet cleaning will not solve the problem. In addition, large dogs and cats can tear up carpet, walls, and doors. The best defense is to have pets that can't destroy the property, such as fish, birds and reptiles. Other than that, have your pet well trained and keep them outside as much as possible.

As a general rule of thumb, the smaller the breed of dog, the better your chances are of getting your application approved. It's tough for a Chihuahua to do much damage.

Pet Deposit:
We usually charge an additional MINIMUM deposit amount of $300.00 per head for pets. Of course that is assuming that the owner is going to allow pets in the first place.